ATP1A2 gene mutations are not present in two sisters with basilar-type migraine associated with menses



Basilar-type migraine (BM) and hemiplegic migraine are clinically distinct subtypes of migraine with aura, however they do share clinical features and it is possible they may share genetic bases. In recent years, ATP1A2 and other gene mutations have been discovered in familial and sporadic hemiplegic migraine. More recently, an ATP1A2 mutation has been identified in an Italian family with BM. In this study we document the absemce of ATP1A2 mutations in two italian sisters with menstrual BM, suggesting that other genes are involved in the condition.


Autori: D. Cologno, F. d'Onofrio, T. Esposito, F. Gianfrancesco, V. Petretta, G. Casucci, F. Frediani, M.G. Buzzi, G. Bussone

Neurol Sci (2008) 29:113-115