Basilar-type migraine patients responsive to lamotrigine: a 5-year follow-up



Five years ago we reported the case of three patients affected by basilar-type migraine (BM) responsive to lamotrigine. At that time, proven treatment options for BM are rather limited and lamotrigine has been tested treatment for migraine with aura. That positive 1-year experience leaded us t suggest that lamotrigine could be a preventive therapeutic option for BM patients, with and without menstruation association. We now report the five-year follow-up of the same patients to confirm and underlie the possible role of lamotrigine to induce BM attacks remission.


Autori: D. Cologno, F. d'Onofrio, O. Castriota, V. Petretta, G. Casucci, A. Russo, G. Bussone

Neurol Sci (2013) 34 (Suppl 1):S165-S166