Basilar-type migraine responsive to lamotrigine: three case reports



Basilar-type migraine (BM) has been recognised in the revised International Classification of Headache Disorders as a distinct clinical entity (subtype of migraine with aura), characterised by disturbing migraine aura clearly originating from the brainstem or from both hemispheres simultaneously affected. It differs from familial and sporadic hemiplegic migraines by the absence of motor deficit. lamotrigine has been shown to be effective in preventing migraine aura symptoms in typical aura and in some cases of BM. We tried lamotrigine in three female cases of BM.


Autori: F. d'Onofrio, D. Cologno, V. Petretta, G. Casucci, G. Bussone

Neurol Sci (2007) 28 (Suppl 2):S239-S241