Headache, eating and sleeping behaviors and lifestyle factors in preadolesents and adolescents: preliminary results from an Italian population study



Several dietary and lifestyle habits can be associated with headaches or with their progression to chronic forms in adults. We report the results of the first population study performed in Italy on a sample of preadolescent and adolescent students to assess the possible association between headache and specific habits and lifestyle factors. Preliminary data from 800 questionnaires showed that 365 subjects had headaches, which were of moderate-severe intensity, associated with anorexia, and caused absence from school in more than 50% of students. The main finding was the evidence of a clear association between headache and irregular intake of meals (especially irregular breakfast) and sleep disturbance with significant differences when subjects with and without headache were compared. If confirmed, these results are likely to influence clinical practice as well to address educational programs in preadolescents and adolescents.


Autori: F. Moschiano, P. Messina, D. D'Amico, L. Grazzi, F. Frediani, G. Casucci, F. d'Onofrio, A. Demurtas, E. Beghi, G. Bussone

Neurol Sci (2012) 33 (Suppl 1):S87-S90