Headache in school age



Headache, especially migraine and tension-type headache, is one of the most frequently reported somatic complaints by children and adolescents. Different population-based studies have been conducted to study the correlation between headache and lifestyles in pediatric age, nevertheless, the obtained results are often controversial and these relationship still remain unclear. Likewise, is still strongly debated the burden of headache during school age, its impact on school performances and on quality of life of children and their families. Consequently, larger studies are necessary to evaluate the degree of disability due to pediatric headache. We summarize the ongoing knowledge about these concepts, with the intent to provide useful data to neurologists but also to primary care providers, to further improve the management of pediatric headaches by preventing the headache progression, the disabling effects associated and improving the long-term outcome.


Autori: G. Casucci, R. Terlizzi, S. Cevoli

Neurol Sci (2014) 35 (Suppl 1):S31-S35