Post-traumatic headaches: an epidemiological overview



Post-traumatic headache (PTH) is the most common secondary headache disorder, corresponding to approximately 4% of alla symptomatic headaches, PTH, a cardinal feature of the post-concussive syndrome, usually shows a phenotype similar to migraine or tension-type headache. However, rare cases of PTH similar to trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias have been described. Many studies have investigated PTH prevalence and potential risk factors for its development and maintenance. in general population, the majority of PTH patients is female and has been involved in vehicle-related accidents. Generally, headache gradually disappears over few weeks or months; however, PTH could become persistent and very disabling in a minority of patients.


Autori: F. d'Onofrio, A. Russo, F. Conte, G. Casucci, A. Tessitore, G. Tedeschi

Neurol Sci (2014) 35 (Suppl 1):S203-S206